Without Munters MCS construction drying services, project progress can be delayed which can result in financial penalties, a loss of reputation and ultimately a loss of business long term.  That’s why Munters experienced construction drying project managers and technicians can be on-site within hours of appointment to immediately and cost effectively speed the drying process.  

Through their deep understanding of construction materials and the latest technologies in construction drying, we can accurately measure the level of moisture and provide you with an action plan to accelerate construction drying times, ensuring you meet the legal requirements for dry materials and, critically, your deadline for completion.

Bob Harrision, Regional Sales Manager

100 Namaan’s Rd
Claymont, DE 19807

1-800-MUNTERS (800-686-8377)

  • Commercial Fire & Water Restoration
  • Commercial Fire Damage Clean Up
  • Construction Drying
  • Commercial Dehumidification
  • E-Coli Prevention & Solutions
  • Industrial Surface Preparation / Coating
  • Concrete Drying
  • Archive Preservation
  • Climate Control / Moisture Control
  • Antique / Art Preservation & Recovery
  • Commercial Moisture Control Services
  • Commercial Document Recovery
  • Commercial Mold Remediation
  • Disaster Planning
  • Disaster Restoration
  • Commercial Hurricane, Storm Clean Up
  • Document Restoration / Recovery
  • Emergency Water Extraction Services
  • Hurricane Clean up / Preparation
  • Ice Rink Condensation Control


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