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DrumsPlayerWorld.com is a site that is dedicated to offering free drum lessons for players of all levels. I remembered the time when I first picked up a pair of drumsticks back in 2002 when the Internet was in its infancy stage. To be honest, learning or trying to get information online at that time is a really difficult process.

Fast forward to the present day, video technology combined with better user interfaces have changed the way we learn things online. Despite all the advances made in technology, there is still a lack of concise resources for people to learn drums online for free.

This was the real motivation behind starting this website. We want to provide you with a good resource and remove prohibitive barriers like costs to help you get started on the drums. Through the integration of content with our partner websites, you can also get to enjoy video based tutorial that are designed to supplement our own lesson library.

Now, the most common problem that I hear from people is that they don’t know where and how to start learning the drums. We have readers who had previously attended private classes and didn’t manage to complete the entire course. We have readers who simply got uninterested or so frustrated at some point in time that they gave up all together before deciding to take another stab in playing the drums.

Nevertheless, with a little push in the right direction, you will realize that teaching yourself drums isn’t something far-fetched or achievable. For newer players, you might want to head straight to the beginner section and start there. If you are in a slightly more advanced stage, you might want to head straight into the different categories for specific tutorials.

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Here at DrumsPlayerWorld.com, we preach a method of being able to learn what you want and when you want. As you might have noticed, we cover on a wide range of subject matters to help develop you into a complete musician. We regularly update and add new lessons on a bi-weekly basis.

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Get Essential Tips on Mastering the Instrument

Before you dive into the technicalities and practical aspect of the drums, I would like to place some focus on getting the right mindset prior to going into the lessons. Did you know that a positive mental approach to drumming is one of the most important factors to faster progress?

For that reason, here’s list of tips that you should bear in mind and tune your attitude to when playing.

1. Persistence Beats Equipment

Playing the drums is not cheap. In a classic jazz or rock band, it is probably the drummer who has to spend the most on his craft. However, there is a fact that only a few come to realize: it is not your drum set that makes your playing worth listening to or gives your grooves a unique touch. All that uniqueness lies in your hands and feet, and especially your mind and your heart.

Persistence in practice and putting your heart in your grooves will outsmart expensive equipment. If you can afford it, go for the best. However, if you cannot, don’t worry: you can even do wonders with your bare hands and a wooden box. After all, our ancestors started with bones and leather, so why would you need the professional cymbal line? You do not.

2. The Basics Are Essential

When you are on the stage, you will probably play rhythms and fills that brings attention, but that also give a lot to the value of the show. It is usually these blasts that convince people to start drumming. It is usually these blasts that everyone wants to play. However, you have to realize that in order to be able to deliver anything fancy smoothly and professionally, you have to set a steady practice routine and stick to it.

Any drumming skill is worthless without a solid foundation. And that solid foundation comes from persistent practice of the basic rudiments. All you need for exceptional drumming is a well-developed set of the following: the single- and double stroke roll, the buzz roll, the paradiddle and the flam. Also, accentuating should not represent a problem. Once you master the basics, the rest will follow in a flash.

3. You Are a Musician, Not a Noisemaker

The final goal of almost any drummer is to actually deliver music. Music, not just rhythms without any feel to them. As a drummer, as the member of a group you are just as responsible for creating music as the lead guitarist is. Even if some people regard drummers only as background players in a band, the role of the drummer is inevitable.

Actually, in a usual rock band it is the bass guitar player and the drummer who create the backbone of the music, who make it all stand together. The rhythm section, consisting of the fore-mentioned is the core of the music. These two musicians are the ones who make the part which people dance to.

4. Humbleness is Key

When on the stage, drummers are usually physically sitting above their colleagues. They are put on a podium, behind a majestic drum set, with powerful sticks in their hands. The drum set is the instrument that is the loudest of it all: once you hit them, that poor acoustic guitar has no chance against your cymbals.

All this fanciness can easily make drummers feel superior. However, you should keep in mind that these people around you put in just as much work and emotion into making wonderful music as you are. They allow you to be part of something exceptional. Remember, the singer can sing alone and still make people fall in love with his voice. The guitarist can play wonderful music with just a single guitar.

Almost everybody is able to play alone and still make music. You can also play solos and wait for people to listen, but let’s just admit it: you are better off with other musicians around you. So respect your colleagues and be grateful for being able to play with them, whoever they might be.

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Drumming System is an impressive bundle of 20 full length DVDs, 15 CDs and printed course books filled with awesome content. It is your ticket to playing the drums on the fast track.

You can visit the website for a special $150 worth of bonuses when you access the course by clicking on the special link below ( Hurry, this offer lasts for a limited time only! ).

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On a final note, I recommend that you browse around and take some time to check out the lesson sections. If you like what you see, you can also do us an enormous favor by telling your friends about us or simply sharing this resource with people you know.

If you happen to discover any mistakes or have any feedback on the tutorials, feel free to leave a comment or drop us a note to let us know. We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our instructions and we take all feedback seriously.

Last but not least, pick up those drumsticks and start hitting away. The worst thing that you could do would be to waste your time procrastinating. If playing the drums has always been your passion and dream, you should give it the right attention that it demands. Who knows, you might be the next greatest drummer in history.

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