Maximize Local Search Optimization for Small Businesses Using FREE Directory Listings

FREE Local Optimization StrategiesMaximizing search engine optimization for small and regional businesses includes a need to manage and maximize exposure through online directories.  Often times, these online directories have FREE listings that you can create and manage for your business that allow you to upload content, link to your website and even upload photos.

Utilizing free listings provided by local directories increases the likelihood that your business will be found.  Think of it like playing Monopoly.  The more real estate you own, the more likely it is that someone will land on your property and you will get paid.  By listing your business with these online directories and internte yellow page services, you increase the odds that local consumers will find your business!
One of the easiest ways to improve your online presence is by registering your business on Google Local.  Google Local listings are those that you see at the top of local search results next to the map.  While these listings only get a small percentage of all the clicks on Google, they are free clicks, so why wouldn’t you want them.  Further, you can link these listings to your website and increase the page rank and relevancy of your website in Google’s eyes. 

Click here for  instructions for adding your business to Google Local.  Click here for a list of other websites where you can list your business for FREE!  It only takes a few moments, and it can be the difference between you getting a sale… or your competition. 
There are thousands of sites like these all over the internet.  There may be additional sites that are specific to your geographic area or your industry; we encourage you to search on your own for other resources.