The problem

The impacts of climate change are being felt around the world, and rural communities in developing countries are bearing the brunt.

Farmers are facing increasingly severe climate impacts like drought, increased soil salinity, and new insect pest and disease threats. Farmers - in particular female farmers - are among the most vulnerable to the impacts as they often lack the resources and skills to respond to these challenges.

With the right support, countries and farmers most vulnerable to climate risks can adapt to climate change, delivering improved food security and economic development.

The problem

The impacts of climate change are being felt around the world, and rural communities in developing countries are bearing the brunt.

Farmers are facing increasingly severe climate impacts like drought, increased soil salinity, and new insect pest and disease threats. Farmers - in particular female farmers - are among the most vulnerable to the impacts as they often lack the resources to respond to these challenges.

With the right support, countries and farmers most vulnerable to climate risks can adapt to climate change, delivering improved food security and economic development.

Our vision

For smallholder farmers to have increased incomes and grow safer, higher quality food through climate-resilient approaches to crop production.

How we will do it

PlantwisePlus will support countries in identifying key crops where quality can be improved to:

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Increase the supply of higher quality and safer food

Enhance availability of safer plant protection products

Strengthen detection and response to pest outbreaks